Marvel provides various services for corporate action & fund-raising.

Welcome to Marvel

With a Team of Talented


Marvel is equipped with corporate finance specialists on the ground that may deliver a unique applicable perspective and solutions.

Our trusted professionals possess local knowledge, experiences, and intellectual capital with outstanding track record that allows us to provide a distinctive perspective and effective long-term solutions for our clients.

Our Business

We offer qualified strategic advices and creative financing solutions to our clients including pre-IPO restructuring, IPO, group restructuring, connecting clients, and corporate actions advisory

Pre-IPO Restructuring

We re-examine a company’s group & business structure to make necessary changes in compliance with regulatory & commercial aspect. This process braces the company to optimize its value for IPO purposes.


We assist and advise the process of offering new shares or old shares of a private company to transform them to be a public company. This process allows the company to raise funds from public.

Group Restructuring

We identify and determine what areas need to be restructured, also creating short-term and long-term plans to correct weaknesses through restructuring process. Then, the company will be assisted to carry out the structure, to calculate, and to secure funding for restructuring purposes.

Connecting Clients

We assist the company to connect with potential investors that are interested to facilitate the company’s business or equity in form of fundraising.

Corporate Actions Advisory

We assist and advise the process of corporate action for listed company such as rights issuance, non-preemptive, and other alternative fund raising.

  • Assisting client in regard to the process of corporate restructuring for listing purposes;
  • Providing business and asset restructuring services;
  • Providing advices in taxation and funding implication related to pre-IPO restructuring;
  • Assisting client to evaluate business prospects, strategic plans, and financial position;
  • Assisting client to evaluate investment attractiveness of a company; and
  • Valuating equity in view of business prospects.
  • Assisting in all preparation and fulfilment of listing requirements;
  • Assisting the company in order to find suitable offering structure and period;
  • Assisting in the preparation of marketing materials;
  • Providing advices on pricing and allocation of the securities offered;
  • Coordinating with related professional experts; and
  • Drafting and reviewing of IPO-related documents or agreements.
  • Rights issuance;
  • MTN issuance;
  • Non-preemptive rights;
  • Material transaction;
  • Transaction with affiliated parties and/or with conflict of interest;
  • Reverse take-over; and
  • Etc.